Health, Organic & Wholefoods


The Quay Co-op Shop offers an unrivalled range of wholefoods and vegetarian foods. These include organic fruit and vegetables, fresh bread from our in-house bakery, as well as a huge selection of nuts, seeds, beans and legumes and specialised teas and coffees.

Chilled & Frozen Foods

A large chilled and frozen food area offers an exceptional choice of prepared vegetarian meals and ingredients. We stock organic dairy products, including goats' products as well as non dairy vegan milks and cheeses. You'll find chilled and frozen veggie burgers, sausages and meals along with frozen organic vegetables and fruit and dairy free ice-cream.

Herbs & Spices

If your recipe requires hard to find herbs or spices, take a look at our stock. We carry almost 200 different dried herbs and spices so chances are, we have what you are looking for.


Our full range of Irish and Japanese seaweed products are increasingly in demand. 

Organic Wine

We carry an extensive selection of organic wines at our Sullivans' Quay branch. Check out the review in the Irish Examiner of some of our wines.

Gluten Free

Each of our shops carry an extensive range of gluten free products and we are proud to have a whole room within our Sullivan's Quay shop dedicated to our gluten free customers. Products include bread, cakes, pasta, baking products.....

Household Products

Ecover and Lilly's Eco Clean Environmentally friendly cleaning products are available in store and we also offer a refill service for these. We also stock recycled toilet paper, organic sanitary protection, beeswax candles and room fragrances and incense sticks.

Baby Products

We offer a range of eco-friendly baby products too, including nappies and natural and organic baby food.

Health Supplements

Food supplements can be an important addition to the human diet and may also play an important role in the treatment and prevention of many common ailments and illnesses.

Each of our shops stocks a large choice of vitamins and supplements for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians as well as an extensive range of herbal rememdies. Our staff are happy to advice you on all of these products and their uses.

Natural & Organic Cosmetics

Check out our huge range of natural products including shampoos, conditioners, moisturisers, body lotions, hand creams, toothpaste etc etc.